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Career Services


Learn about which careers could fit your skillset and interests. Get excited about the many paths ahead of you and map your journey towards true career success.

Resume, LinkedIn &
Application Review

Get actionable guidance on your resume and job application documents. Discover how to highlight your skills and experiences to effectively tell your story.


Learn how to build and cultivate mutually beneficial business connections and unlock key opportunities from your network, throughout your career.

Job Search &

Utilize tested tools and methodologies to find relevant jobs by industry, company, or role. Track, prioritize, and move from applications to interviews with confidence.


Develop key stories, conduct targeted research, and build vital knowledge for job interviews. Experience catered mock sessions using real-world behavioral, case, and technical examples.


Identify compensation comparables across industry, company, or role to understand the value of your offer. Develop negotiation strategies, simulate scenarios, and gain valuable practice to maximize salary and other awards.


Identify, prioritize, and apply for your top MBA schools. Understand the application process, tell your story effectively, and increase your chances of admission.


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Partner with Accelerate to build a robust plan unique to you to address your career ambitions.

Client Testimonials

Accelerate Career Services (ACS) empowered me to get the most out of my offer with a top tech company by providing a personalized and comprehensive approach that helped me refine my value proposition for the new role and benchmark each component of the offer against the broader market. As a result of their approach, I increased my sign-on bonus by 66% and equity compensation by 50%. ACS has allowed me to feel valued by my new company and bring more energy to work.

– Erik Tata, Sr. Business Planner @ Microsoft

ACS helped me understand my career profile & background, optimize my resume, network, land/prepare for interviews, negotiate job offers, & ultimately – has given me confidence in my career journey. Over 6 months, ACS coached me through countless sessions & mock interviews. I interviewed with Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify, Twitter, Deloitte, DoorDash, & others, landing multiple final rounds in Toronto & New York, & eventually accepting an offer at Facebook New York.

– Andrew Yeung, Business Ops Lead @ Facebook

ACS provided great insights on my job search and decision making. This past year, there were a lot of moving pieces in the job market, and the team made the process easier for me by aligning my goals with the marketplace and by identifying pros and cons for the different opportunities. I am impressed by the team’s sincerity and determination to provide their clients with the best outcome for the short term and long term.

– Aadit Parikh, Sr. Manager – Valuation @ Sony Pictures

The team at ACS cares deeply about helping others succeed and offers a breadth of knowledge to impart on others from their experience in management consulting and big tech. Their mentorship has helped guide me towards a once in a lifetime career-startup opportunity and we still meet frequently to keep current. ACS’s mentorship has been valuable towards my success, helping me notice blind spots and becoming aware of unknown knowns. Working with ACS has been amazing.

– Jason Zoltak, Strategy & Ops Lead @ Shiftsmart

Accelerate Career Services

Accelerate is a full-suite career development service. We help ambitious professionals find their optimal career match and unlock their full potential.

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