We offer holistic solutions for your career

Whether you are exploring new career paths, submitting applications, interviewing, or evaluating offers, the Accelerate team is ready to partner with you to address your biggest questions and capture your most exciting career opportunities.

Expert Career Tactics

Do you already know what companies and roles you want to apply for? Are you already in the process of interviewing or considering an offer? Accelerate Career Services offers expert tactical advisory and partnership for compelling resumes/job applications, top-performance interviews, and compensation-enriching offer negotiation.

Resume, LinkedIn & Applications
  • Holistic review/storytelling
    • Aligned resume to role
    • Live edits & feedback


    • Compelling career stories
    • Simulated behavioral Qs
    • Consulting/Tech Case Qs


    • Key levers & strategies
    • Role market value match
    • Negotiation simulations


    Optimal Career Possibilities

    Considering a completely new career path? Unsure how to meet the right people to help you learn and break into another industry? Is it challenging to find the right job opportunities? Accelerate Career Services provides guidance and consultation on foundational, visionary career questions that will set you on a path to success for years to come.

    • Develop valuable networks
    • Cultivate & utilize networks
    • Real-time advisory


    • SWOT analysis
    • Fulfilling career pathways
    • Strategic action plan


    Job Search &
    • Search approach & tactics
    • 3rd party opportunities
    • Tactical job search plan


    Additional Services

    We want to be here for you by partnering with you on career development services that fit you. If you require even more unique solutions for your career objectives, please see below for how we can help.

    • MBA process guidance
    • School fit analysis
    • Application assistance


    • Full-service consultations
    • Requests for specific industries/careers
    • Ad-hoc career support

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    Accelerate Career Services

    Accelerate is a full-suite career development service. We help ambitious professionals find their optimal career match and unlock their full potential.

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